Branding Design for Global4PL

Global4PL Passport by DHP
Project:  Branding Design
Client: Global4PL, CarrollCo Marketing
Location: Oakland, CA
Tools:  Photoshop
Backstory: The company, Global4PL (Global 4th Party Logistics), specializes in global passport services for product shipping, returns, and warehousing. 

Steve Miller, mastermind behind Impressions Realty, put me in touch with his colleague Michele Carroll, owner of CarrollCo Marketing. She was working with a client and they were in need of some graphic designs and rebranding. The company was, of course, Global4PL. Being that the company offered self-proclaimed International Passport Services, I found it quite appropriate to represent this gesturally, artistically, graphically.


So I found this image of a global passport on google images. I went ahead and used photoshop to Stamp/Clone and Heal Brush the existing globe off of image so that it looked like the bare naked blue texture underneath of it. I then took the company logo (shown below), removed all the negative space, used a Gold color overlay, and then beveled/embossed the logo onto the blank passport area. If you ever need some help, or a tutorial on how to do this, I’d be happy to help – just hit me up.


Graphic Designs and Branding executed with excellence by DoggHouse Productions in collaboration with CarrollCo Marketing and Global4PL. That’s how the pro’s do it!

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