Branding for Impressions Realty

DHP Impressions Realty 01
Project:  Branding Package
Client: Impressions Realty, Steve Miller
Location: Walnut Creek, CA
Tools:  Photoshop, Illustrator
Backstory: Impressions Realty is based out of Walnut Creek, CA and specializes in real estate property listings in Pleasanton, CA. Pleasanton is one of the premier suburbs in the San Francisco East Bay area for quality living and raising a family. Head Honcho, Steve Miller, realized this fact and made it a point to represent the American dream for homebuyers in Pleasanton. When he needed to brand his company’s identity, he knew who to call in order to get ‘er done.

I met Steve while working for, where Mr. Miller would bid and buy up foreclosed properties strategically. He’s got the PITI business down to a science, and he also looks like Richard Gere with a hockey player’s haircut. This guy is pretty f’n awesome, let me tell ya. I’m pretty sure that’s his real name too.

As my favorite bidder, we talked on a weekly basis and grew a respectable rapport.I, myself, am quite intrigued by purchasing real estate properties. When I asked Steve for some help and insight into the buying process, he graciously met me up at the local Whole Foods and schooled me for 2 hours on the PITI process and provided some really strong insider details, concepts, and strategies that aren’t being promoted on the internet.

He taught me a lesson or two about “the art of realty,”  which ended up being a key to the success of our design process. His original business card featured a “yin yang” design on it, which sparked a journey to find a zen symbol called the “Enso“, which is a hand painted circle representing enlightenment. This symbol and slogan solidified its meaning and importance into the aesthetic quite nicely.

DoggHouse Productions answered the call and delivered a quality professional branding package which included a logo design, a slogan, trademarking of said slogan, an HTML email signature, a business card design, as well as some real estate signs for “Open House” and “For Sale” properties. Here were the results.

DHP Impressions Realty 02DHP Impressions Realty 03DHP Impressions Realty 04DHP Impressions Realty 05

Branding Package executed with excellence by DoggHouse Productions in collaboration with Steve Miller and Impressions Realty. That’s how the pro’s do it!

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