Brochure for Global4PL

Global4PL Back by DHP
Project:  Branding Design
Client: Global4PL, CarrollCo Marketing
Location: Oakland, CA
Tools:  Photoshop
Backstory: The company, Global4PL (Global 4th Party Logistics), specializes in global passport services for product shipping, returns, and warehousing. 

Steve Miller, mastermind behind Impressions Realty, put me in touch with his colleague Michele Carroll, owner of CarrollCo Marketing. She was working with a client and they were in need of some graphic designs and rebranding. The company was, of course, Global4PL.

The company needed a brochure/PDF that it could email prospective and return clientele. Their current aesthetic was created with a freakin’ Microsoft Word Document and was in need of some help. I searched diligently through google images for vintage postage/mailing envelopes, stamps, and packaging. I also read in an article that some of trendiest design aesthetics for companies right now is to visually display a desktop setting of the company’s office. Like, what would the desktop of the CEO look like at Global4PL. Their workplace helps to visually represent what the company stands for and their core values. In this case, it’s a mixture of traditional customer service, high tech product encryption services, and quality services in the off-shore inventory market.

The result is a VIP vintage package, wrapped in manilla twine, accompanied by the official Global4PL passport. When you open it, you get the spread of information, complete with vintage post office/airmail aesthetic, a map, and just some really luxurious and elegant textures and elements. The back page (featured at the top) features something more modern and techy, mixed with leather and ink dip pen. I even put together a custom wax stamp with the company’s logo in it.

Global4PL Front by DHP Global4PL Spread by DHP

Digital Brochure executed with excellence by DoggHouse Productions in collaboration with CarrollCo Marketing and Global4PL. That’s how the pro’s do it!

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