Business Card for MPA

DHP Malik Piano Artists Business Card 01
Project:  Business Card for Malik Piano Artists
Client: Malik Piano Artists, Farhan Malik
Location: New York, NY
Tools:  Photoshop, Illustrator
Backstory: Malik Piano Artists was founded by noted piano authority Farhan Malik in 2013 as a means of presenting and promoting the world’s most artistic and engaging piano talents. Pianists represented by Malik Piano Artists have been compared with the great masters of the past (“The Golden Age”), whose playing captured the hearts of their audiences.  When you engage a Malik Piano Artist, you can count on a performance that mesmerizes your audience and lingers in their minds long after the event is over. Malik Piano Artists only represents musicians that are both great virtuoso pianists and great individual artists.

I got a call from my cousin Marc Kaplan, owner of Curative Productions, Executive in charge of Production on the Bill Cunningham Show (and previously America’s Most Wanted), and visionary behind Green Smoothie University about a potential client. The gentleman turned out to be classical piano authority, Farhan Malik. We chatted a bit and agreed it would be best to move forward together on a branding package for his new agency, Malik Piano Artists, which was to include a logo design, a web site design, a business card design, and an email header.

DoggHouse Productions chose to go with a more traditional refined design for this business card. Even with the simple layout, we got to explore some bells & whistles by enhancing the texture of the logo with black reflective foil as well as dying the edges of the cards gold – a nod to the “Golden Ages” of piano music alluded to by Mr. Malik in his memoirs. For the back of the card, we again used the black keys “M” logo mutation. It was such a fun design that the client wished to use and present it, so long as we could pull it off. Printing of the silk textured cards was done again by Taste of Ink studios.

DHP Malik Piano Artists Business Card 02

Check out Malik Piano Artists over at for updates, videos, and talent touring information.

Business Card executed with excellence by DoggHouse Productions in collaboration with Farhan Malik and Malik Piano Artists. That’s how the pro’s do it!

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