Construction Paper Graphic Designs

Digital Construction Paper Graphic Designs by DoggHousePro Flynn B Kaplan
Project:  Construction Paper Graphic Designs
Client: Global4PL, CarrollCo Marketing, DoggHouse Productions
Location: Oakland, CA
Tools:  Photoshop
Backstory: Construction paper is perhaps the most basic building block for arts and crafts. With root functions in kindergarden settings, the mere sight of the material triggers senses of ease, simplicity, and nostalgia. 

There was an actual assignment behind these designs. I kind of just took the lack of guidelines given and explored some graphic ideas on my own. Steve Miller, mastermind behind Impressions Realty, put me in touch with his colleague Michele Carroll, owner of CarrollCo Marketing. She was working with a client and they were in need of some graphic designs and rebranding.

The company, Global4PL, specializes in global passport services for product shipping, returns, and warehousing. One thing led to another, and visions of construction paper freight boats, cargo planes, and simplicity, and bold color compositions flooded my mind. With a little bit of Photoshop, some inspiration by South Park, and some good luck with google image search, I was able to compile and design these 2 polished designs. Each one has room for textual information. If someone knows of a way to market the designs to a greeting card composer, or children’s book designer, feel free to bridge the gap. I’d be open to seeing these designs flourish and get some love.

Construction Paper Barge DoggHousePro Flynn B Kaplan Construction Paper Cargo Plane DoggHousePro Flynn B Kaplan

Graphic Designs executed with excellence by DoggHouse Productions. That’s how the pro’s do it!

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