Photo Retouching for Grateful Glass

DHP Grateful Glass Poster
Project:  Photo Retouching
Client: Grateful Glass, Matt Olian
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Tools:  Photoshop, GoogleDrive
Backstory: Grateful Glass is an up-and-coming powerhouse company specializing in the afterlife industry (for lack of a more informed term). Head Honcho Matt Olian is an acclaimed glass blowing artisan who studied with the great masters on the island of Murano in Italy. He was experiencing mild success with his company, Vulcan Glass Works, until a client asked him to create a glass piece infused with her recently passed love one’s ashes. The vessel was set into a pendant style piece of jewelry and delivered. The result was emotional, tearful, and full of joy. So began Grateful Glass!

For more info about Grateful Glass, check out the previous 3 updates here. This particular post conveys how professional product photographs appear drastically different in RAW format than from the resulting process of retouching before it’s ready for print and web display. Once you get the shots, post production is most certainly necessary before sharing with the public.

Here are some before and after shots.

DHP Grateful Glass Raw image 02 DHP Grateful Glass Poster
DHP Grateful Glass Raw image 03DHP Grateful Glass Poster
DHP Grateful Glass Raw image 01 DHP Grateful Glass Posters

With a proper mixture of adjusting contrast, tone, exposure, white balance levels, saturation, vibrance, and a bit of ninja ingenuity with HDR layers in Photoshop, you can achieve the results necessary to make your photos shine. I would love to see somebody try to use instagram or similar filter cheating apps to try and produce results like this. Feel free to show me up!

Photo Retouching executed with excellence by DoggHouse Productions in collaboration with Matt Olian and Grateful Glass. That’s how the pro’s do it!

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