Posters for Grateful Glass

DHP Grateful Glass Posters
Project:  Product Posters, Vinyl Banner
Client: Grateful Glass, Matt Olian
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Tools:  Photoshop, GoogleDrive
Backstory: Grateful Glass is an up-and-coming powerhouse company specializing in the afterlife industry (for lack of a more informed term). Head Honcho Matt Olian is an acclaimed glass blowing artisan who studied with the great masters on the island of Murano in Italy. He was experiencing mild success with his company, Vulcan Glass Works, until a client asked him to create a glass piece infused with her recently passed love one’s ashes. The vessel was set into a pendant style piece of jewelry and delivered. The result was emotional, tearful, and full of joy. So began Grateful Glass!

The owner, Matt Olian, is a fellow hometown resident of Cherry Hill, NJ – where I, too, am from. I think we might have met outside of Sagami one night through my cousin Blake. As a small business owner, Matt was in need of quite a bit of design help, in order to properly brand Grateful Glass and establish its legitimacy to grieving clientele.

It began by responding to a query on Facebook. Matt was looking to have his web banner resized for his Etsy page. I responded and crushed the project with blazing speed and accuracy. I eventually received a handmade custom blown glass pen in exchange for the initial task (it is pretty f’n awesome). More importantly, Matt recognized a value in the quality and timeliness of my work which helped him to hire me for several projects he was needing.

Grateful Glass was seeking a crew of large, beautiful, photo rich posters to be designed by a professional. They were to be displayed at the Grateful Glass trade show booth at the CANA show in Austin, Texas. DoggHouse Productions was there to answer the call. There were 10 product images that were wanting to be blown up. The product photography offered a great deal of decision making on which styles and colors to choose, but I think it’s safe to say that we nailed it. Through the use of expert Photoshop manipulation, color correcting, and editing, these puppies turned out fresh!

DHP Grateful Glass Poster DHP Grateful Glass Poster DHP Grateful Glass Poster DHP Grateful Glass Poster DHP Grateful Glass Poster DHP Grateful Glass Poster DHP Grateful Glass Poster DHP Grateful Glass Poster DHP Grateful Glass Poster

The posters were printed locally in Philadelphia at Philadelphia Photographics. The material was a product called “gator board” which is like a durable foam board that makes for a really nice texture to touch and provided a great base for colorful sharp 300 DPI photography. The banner, which DHP also designed, was printed locally in Philadelphia at Metropolitan Flag.

DHP Grateful Glass Posters booth

Poster designs executed with excellence by DoggHouse Productions in collaboration with Matt Olian and Grateful Glass. That’s how the pro’s do it!

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