“The Secret” Credit Card

the secret credit card by DHP
Project:  “The Secret” Credit Card
Client: DoggHouse Productions
Location: Oakland, CA
Tools:  Photoshop
Backstory: This idea started by responding to a facebook post rant by Elias Bitar, owner of Norma’s Middle Eastern Cuisine in my hometown of Cherry Hill, NJ. He was satirically joking about how credit cards can speed up the teachings of “The Secret.” The whole bit about dream boards and the power of thoughts becoming things and the laws of attraction. I had a serious disagreement about his insinuation, however it progressed into something thought provoking and ridiculously comical.

My major beef was about credit card debt incurred by wanting hopefuls. Imagine you could buy a Ferrari, a mansion, a helicopter, or an island with your credit card…it would be incredible, until of course your first monthly installment comes and you can’t afford it. Not making a payment spirals into accumulated interest, a hit on your credit score, eventual repossession, and possibly bankruptcy, who knows, maybe even some hard time in prison.

But, WHAT IF! What if you could sign up for a magical “Secret” credit card? It’s simple, no credit necessary, no annual fee, no spending limit, and 0% lifetime APR. You could have everything you ever did and didn’t want. Right now! Life would be crazy and possibly amazing. The earth could spontaneously implode into dark matter too.

We went a bit further and talked about getting the fake credit cards printed up, with embossed numbers and everything. Then printing out fake pamphlets (based on actual credit card brochures) with all the numbers fudged to infinite and zero accordingly. Maybe even writing TV sketches where customers try to buy absurd items and are denied at first…but then accepted with the Secret credit card.

In any case, it was fun to flex my photoshop skills…blending “The Secret” branding imagery, a Mastercard credit card, and some text effect ingenuity embossing the letters/numbers.

Graphic Design executed with excellence by DoggHouse Productions. That’s how the pro’s do it!

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